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Crime Pays is a 4E campaign based out of the city of Athiisar along the Dragon Coast along the eastern end of the Sea of Fallen Stars. It takes place in an alternate version of Forgotten Realms after the Spellplague.

It is the first of a three part series of campaigns, starting with “Crime Pays” is part 1, and continuing in “Dogs of War” in part 2. (search on Obsidian Portal campaigns for “Athiisar” or “Omphalos” … as soon as I figure how to make a link between campaigns, I’ll insert that link … RNJ)

Death of Mystra

In 1385 DR, Mystra, Mother of all Magic and Tender of the Weave, was murdered by Cyric, the Prince of Lies, with the aid of Shar, The Dark Goddess. With Mystra’s death, the Weave collapsed, initiating the Spellplague.

The Spellplague

The Spellplague altered arcane magic, changing its properties forever. It also had a profound effect on magical items, destroying many of them or changing their effects and powers.

With the Spellplague came worldwide cataclysms. Some lands sank beneath the ocean while others collapsed into the Underdark. The unraveling of the Weave and resulting Spellplague also altered the world’s relationship to the planes.


Portions of the world of Toril were displaced with lands from the alternate world of Abeir. Toril’s connections to the realms of the Divine were weakened while connections to the Shadowfell were strengthened.

Divine Powers

With the weakening of the Divine with Toril, the influence of the gods became greatly diminished. Divine powers now require more than the actions of a cleric or priest. Now, the addition of a “divine power node” is required whether it is a particular location conducive to a particular diety’s influence, a sanctified temple of holy site, an artifact, or some other node of power. Due to this, those whose power relied upon divine favor found themselves at a dire disadvantage to those who relied upon the sword or spell.

Rise of Orcus

With the weakening of the Divine, the powers of Orcus gathered at the Temple-City of Tsar, causing the nations of the world to form the Army of Light which beseiged the City of Tsar.

The Desolation of Tsar: Desolation of Tsar.

The Compact

With the death of Mystra and the destruction of the Dweomerheart, Azuth (a patron diety of mages) was thrown into the Nine Hells, the fiery domain of Asmodeus. The archdevil killed Azuth and consumed his divine essence. Asmodeus was thus lifted into Godhood as a Greater God of Evil. For reasons yet unknown, in anticipation of the weakening of the Divine realms on the Prime Material Plane, a Compact was formed between the Diving and the Infernal limiting the number of Angels and Devils on the Prime.

The Compact: compact.

Return of Netheril

From the Shadowfell returned Thultanthar, a city from the destroyed magiocratic Empire of Netheril — a city not seen for over 17 centuries! Finding a power vacuum caused by the unravelling of the Weave and a diminishing of the Divine, the Twelve Princes of Netheril began military campaigns, conquering the lands of Western Faerun north of Amn. Over the past 20 years, Netheril stalled its conquests, appearing to be consolidating and its power and strengthening its hold in order to begin a new military campaign either south or east.

Dragon Lords of the West

Far across the Trackless Sea to the West, a new threat has emerged. An entire continent from the world of Abeir has displaced lands of Toril. This continent is the home of several Dragon Lords who see it as their Divine Right to extend their dictatorial control over the inferior races of Faerun. With them come a new race to Faerun – the Dragonborn.

Fantasy city by araiel

City of Athiisar and the Dragon Coast

Prior to the Spellplague, the City of Athiisar was one of the most prolific port cities on the Sea of Fallen Stars. With a population of about 40,000 people, it was one of the oldest, richest, and most corrupt ports along the Inner Sea.

Due to lands collapsing during the Spellplague, a portion of the Inner Sea drained into the Underdark, dropping the level of the water nearly 50 feet. Athiisar was well suited for this change because it was able to retain its inner harbor that was already deep prior to the Spellplague and could afford the 50 foot drop in water. Trade with the West from the Inner Sea and the East was further cut off due to the collapse of Land’s Mouth and the Desolation of Tsar.

The result of these cataclysms were to benefit Athiisar. Trade West, to Amn and Tethyr, now went south, directly from the city of Athiisar. As war looms, Amn, Tethyr, Cormyr and the Dalelands strengthen their borders against Netheril. Through all of this, Athiisar remains neutral, its merchants growing fat on the backs of nations preparing for war. The city population has grown to @100,000.

Where merchants grow fat, thieves thrive, living off the crumbs of their tables. When war looms, the black market thrives. The times are good for the underworld of Athiisar.

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