The Pact

The Compact:

Angels that represented the Divine and the Devils that represented the Infernal powers would be limited to 1,150 greater powers of each type to remain on the Prime Material Plane at any one time.
Scholars opine that this was in anticipation of the Sundering of the Divine planes from the Prime Material and thus an avoidance of a mass populating of the Prime by either faction in a postering arms race for control of a cut-off Prime.

With the decades that past, the stranded Angels and Devils have formed their own power structures on Toril. This was in part in order to control their own members and oppose their enemies; it was also in reaction to the increased power presented to the Light and Dark powers of a mortal populace that was no longer in direct connection to the Gods.

The Celestial Hierarchy: celestial.

The Infernal Hierarchy: infernal.

Motivations of the Infernal:

Devils want to corrupt mortal souls above all else. This is usually done by ispiring mortals to sin, but pacts and tricks are also common. A corrupted soul still passes beyond the veil, presumably to the Divine realm, but no one knows for sure anymore since the Sundering. A devil’s sustenance comes from the act of sin and suffering – though in a few rare instances it has been known for a devil to bind a soul and keep it from passing beyond the veil.

Restrictions on the Infernal:

TIME: Because mortal sins have to be harvested in order to sustain the 1,000+ greater devils and all their minions, one of the greatest difficulties for devils is that they do not have limitless time to pursue their objectives. The maintenance of an infernal lord’s power is dependent upon the sins (of his particular Order or Orbit) being commited, and a Seducer’s (lesser infernal) power derives from the sins that it tempts mortals into. Seducers who make the greatest number of successful temptations in the shortest possible time, thus gain power for themselves and rise in their lord’s estimations. Thus, those Seducers who work too slowly (or rush into situations and make mistakes) thus gain less power and lose their lords’ favors.

DISGUISES: The infernal when walking the world usually alter their appearances. They have great control over their disguises, but they can never be perfect. In addition, devils do not think in the same way as mortals. They do not feel emotions in any real way. Ultimately, they do not understand their prey. Even the craftiest Seducer, therefore, may react inappropriately or inexplicably at times, trying but failing to simulate a mortal response to an emotional situation.

The Pact

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