Mob - The Black Lotus

The Black Lotus, predominantly composed of Shou exiles, is based in the Athiisar – The Rill. The Black Lotus is heavily involved in the illegal slave trade. It is ruled with an iron hand in a silk glove by Li Xiaoxia, through a mixture of intimidation, seduction and assassination. The rumors about her sorcerous idolatry of Tiamat is surely exaggerated.

Local News
Farthing Cosin, a corrupt priest, leaves the employ of the Old City Gang to work for the Black Lotus. His cousin, Farbent Cobin, a corrupt magistrate, follows him. In retaliation, the Old City Gang attempted unsuccessfully to kidnap Mao. One brave cove, caught in a failed burglary attempt, was sentenced to red-hot pokers in the eyes. Mistress Xiaoxia continued to show her remarkable generosity by making sure that the crippled cove was taken in by the gang and given some tiny role in the gang’s daily life. A vigilante mob ran through the Rill violently, killing two coves. Because of the violence and the notice being taken of the Rill, Mistress Xiaoxia made sure that all was quiet.

Respect: 8
Infamy : 11
Muscle : 5
Streetwise: 11

Coves : 43, Old Timers: 1
Made Men
Farbent Cobin, a lecherous sot who is a corrupt magistrate in the Prince’s employ.
Farthing Cosin, a lecherous sot who offers dubious spiritual advice as a corrupt priest.
Ting Ting Zedong, a sadder but wiser human courtesan who has seen better days.
Mao Qangzhu, a half-orc brute who enforces the law in the Rill.
Mei Mei Chan, the beautiful half-elf slave runner for the Black Lotus.
Zhin Zhao, a halfling fence with a soft spot for little people.
Oh Lan Yiang, a drow loan shark with a coy smile and a devastating right hook.

Mob - The Black Lotus

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