Mob - Old City Mob

The Old City Mob is based in the Tenderloin and is controlled by Hrod the Shiv.

Unlike some mobs, the Old City Mob takes pains to be visible in the community, ensuring that shopkeepers and business owners never forget who is the real power in the community. Hrod the Shiv is generous with his favors, but never forgets a debt. The mob’s connections are akin to a vile poison, seeping through the city’s veins, radiating out from the Tenderloin into the greater city.

The Old City Mob is recognized (even by the authorities) for running extensive protection rackets, but also for providing much-needed order and justice in the ward. Hrod the Shiv and his men maintain a watch over their neighborhoods, keeping non-mob crimes to a minimum, and when freelance theives do strike a citizen under the Shiv’s protection, the mob stops at nothing to hunt down the freelancer, to add his head to the Shiv’s growing collection.

The Shiv makes generous (and highly public) donations to local orphanages and workhouses, and in the depths of winter his men distribute bread and hot tea to the poor. The mob’s philanthropy has earned the Old City Mob grudging respect, if not outright endorsement, of the local authorities. Compared to crime bosses in other parts of the city, Hrod the Shiv seems less a criminal and more an elder operating outside the legal system.

This sentiment is so engrained in the community that even those that stand in opposition to the Shiv find it hard not to buckle beneath the pressure when his gangs come calling. Standing against the Shiv is suicide, and those that stand beside him — or at least choose not to oppose him — tend to prosper.

The Old City Mob’s chief headquarters is the Hellfire Lodge, set in the moldering halls of a sprawling manor house. Any beggar or pickpocket can offer directions to the Hellfire Lodge for a handful of coins. Once home to a minor noble, the manor house occupies and entire city block. During the day, the manor house is quiet, but once the sun dips below the horizon, the Old City Mob appears, making their way to and from the manor house with their jugs of wine and bags of ill-gotten loot. The lodge itself is open to visitors, after a fashion, with a nightly bazaar hosted within its moldering halls. Drunken thieves and carousing doxies stagger through the seemingly endless galleries, while drinking songs, laghter and animal cries echo through the night. Non-thieves are welcome to sample the Lodge’s goods, but woe to the visitor caught within the rusty gates when the sun rises on the Tenderloin.

Mob - Old City Mob

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