Mob - Hillenders Mob

Hillender’s Mob is a loose mob composed of river men, dockhands, and itinerant swordsmen that rules The Trades under the leadership of the fierce dwarf, Ratli Hillender. Hillender is fair to his men and ensures that they all receive a share of anything shipped through the ward, sealing their undying loyalty. For all his generosity to his men, Hillender is bitterly jealous of any other mobs and tolerates no rivals.

Local News:
Moll Flanders assists a merchant’s daughter to escape town to avoid an unpleasant marriage. A guard was killed during a daring burglary of a prominent warehouse. Someone failed in trying to kidnap Ugly Bob. No witnesses came forward. A spy from the Black Lotus was discovered; he is being questioned. Blind Max was caught picking pockets, so the Godfather paid his 250 g fine. A hit on Ugly Bob was foiled by quick-thinking coves. The grain stores were robbed. Moll Flanders hired Abattoir Finick into joining the gang.

Month 2:
A fire rushes through the Trades. The civic-minded Ratli Hillender donates from his own pocket a huge amount of gold in order to help the community rebuild. When Ugly Bob gets drunk and stabs a woman with child, the Hillender Gang responds to the public outcry by treating Ugly Bob to a much deserved “Dwarven Necktie.” The neighborhood was unusually quiet, as the Mob Boss called on the criminal fraternity to respect the death of an innocent person at the hands of a notoriously unbalanced halfling, as well as to allow the community to recover from the natural disaster. Outside the neighborhood, though, the trade guildhouse of the Fur Traders in the Market District reported heavy losses in a daring raid. It is suspected that this was led by an inside man. The Hillender Gang immediately disavowed any knowledge of this raid saying “We’re on the other side of the river, and we can’t swim.” Also, some rumors of a new market trade in a substance called demonium has led Abattoir Finick to attempt to acquire some of this dubious substance. Rumors as to how much he found are circulating wildly.

Respect: 10
Infamy : 20
Muscle : 5
Streetwise: 14

Coves : 48
Made Men
Coriander Red, an elf arm breaker of notorious tastes and salacious habits.
Ugly Bob, a halfling burglar with a mean streak and big ears.
Shylock Travolta, a human moneylender with an improbably large blond beard.
Othar Otharson, a Tiefling fence with lots of shady connections.
Moll Flanders, a human harlot with a heart of gold.
Abattoir Finick, a Dwarf smuggler involved in drugs, poisons and ingredients for black magic.
Minthter Rogiers, a Dwarf smuggler who seems to be able to locate information he needs at a moment’s notice.

Mob - Hillenders Mob

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