Act I

Origins – "A plague upon it when thieves cannot be true one to another!”

Part 1 – In which the party (Mouse; Partuur; Tempo; Toshiro) travel from Kara-Tur, along the Silk Road and the ruins of the Road to the Dawn, transporting the elderly Hu Sen to Athiisar. At the City State of Zindalankh, disgraced gladiator Ka’Rak is freed from the service of the Blue Dragon Lord of the city. The party is also joined by Keladry Ascolat and Drasak Anar before reaching the city of Athiisar.

[Source Materials: “Ochimo – The Spirit Warrior” – TSR adventure – 1987; “Mad Monkey vs the Dragon Claw” – TSR adventure – 1988; “Dijishy – the City of History” by Kenzer Publishing 2008]

Part 2 – In which the party assaults the lair of the Beggar King.

[Source Materials: “Sellswords of Punjar” – Goodman Games adventure – 2008]

Part 3 – In which the party travels to Wyvern Mountain in the Blasted Waste and capture from Baron Thornshroud the flying ship called the Green Dragon.

[Source Materials: “Lethal Legacies – Traps from the World Before” – Goodman Games sourcebook – 2005; “Wyvern Mountain” – Goodman Games adventure – 2008; “A Fistful of Zinjas” – Goodman Games adventure – 2009; “Balloon Airship” – Gamescapes story map – 2010; ""Amethyst Foundations" – DiaaEExx Machina sourcebook – 2010]

Part 4 – In which the party are betrayed by Hrod the Shiv and Tempo is captured by Great Eligos, the Infernal Duke of Madness.

[Source Materials: “Foul Locales: Urban Blight” – Mystic Eye Games sourcebook, 2002; “Monsternomicon Vol 1 – Denizens of the Iron Kingdoms” – Privateer Press sourcebook – 2002; “Thrones of Punjar” – Goodman Games adventure – 2008]

Part 5 – In which the party travels to Tsar the Forgotten to learn the secrets of Tempo’s disappearance and the way to make hellium.

[Source Materials: “Slumbering Tsar” – Frog God Games adventure series – 2010]

Act I

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