Crime Pays

The Golden Moon Temple Part 19
Orb of Corinth and the Ice Giant

Part 19

As the adventurers continue on, Taquito finally gets off of work and leaves his day job to catch up them. Following the trail of bodies, blood, and gore that is left behind them.

Taquito is the one who makes a flying leap into the next room after the cup hilt dagger that is floating above a table. As this happens everyone’s personality has a subtle change as the orb glows brightly. As the orb glows Corinth summons the undead monstrosity. A composition of dead limbs that are all attached together. It has a large steel object sticking out of one of his incredibly huge fists, and the cup hilt dagger that was floating above the table is still in its chest.

Taquito turns the monstrosity into a small frog which he then inserts into the never ending flask. The flask trembles, and shakes, and then bursts. The shards of the broken flask fly everywhere as the beast is free and bloodied. The adventurers, especially Hetha, completely ruin the undead beast as the radiant damage from Xironi and Sunshine annihilate what is left of the beast.

As they continue the temperature drops, as the chill of evil overcomes them. The ground becomes less and less stable, less stone and more dirt. Nobody notices, but Taquito has wandered off and disappeared. You then enter the icy chambers and take down the ice giant. Hetha’s blades, that should not have been dealing so much damage, simply sliced through the ice turning it into an ice sculpture. After destroying the ice giant, Belladonna unlocked the chest, Belladonna grabbed the gauntlets, and Xironi grabbed the blue handled dagger off of a table.

While everyone gets out of the cold, they are in the side tunnel. They then keep on talking about what to do with the gauntlets. Somehow in the confusion, Xironi grabs some holy water and purifies the evil gauntlets. The gauntlets restores everyone restoring their spirits and their purity.

The Golden Moon Temple Part 18
The descent into Undead, Swordsman, and Turrets

Part 18
They descend into a large room full of corpses with one corpse on a table. That corpse was fresh but the others all continue to live due to the powers of Corinth and the power node. They have no will because it was taken from them with Corinth’s orb, so they only do Corinth’s bidding. They bite not only the body but the soul, continually weakening your very alignment. With Mr. Sunshine and Xironi spreading light on the situation, and Hetha decapitating the zombies, it wasn’t a problem.

The flying zombie was taken care of by Belladonna teleporting her and Rhaize on board. As Rhaize subdues the zombie and pins it to the wall. Every adventurer then blasts the target leaving a black smear upon the wall. A symbol of their unity and their power. All a spectacle for Corinth and for Taquito when he would follow their bloody trail. Hetha picks up the ceremonial bone dagger from the fresh corpse on the table by the name of Roger Mortis.

As they continue to a large ballroom they solve the problem expertly with the help of Xironi blinding the swordsman, and the rest of the fighters slashing through the situation. Hetha being awesome as usual and picking up the ceremonial carving knife. Hetha actually in one swift maneuver spins around one of the fighters slashed the targets weapon out of its hand, and while still behind the fighter stabbed the knife through its heart. The power surged through the knife as Hetha charged it with power.

They come across another table that has a blood stained knife that Hetha picks up and later gives to Taquito.

They then cross the invisible bridge as arcane turrets strike at them when they get near. They each have different approaches with Xironi using an Angel as a shield and decoy, Mr. Sunshine turning invisible and crossing across, by the most effective was Hetha who teleported down and dismantled each turret. Xironi was the only adventurer to figure out that the invisible bridge is made of magic that allows divine and arcane energy to pass through but nothing of a physical nature. Hetha while below the bridge found an Evil Hat, the cursed cloak of death, and a never ending flask of ale. The only people who don’t drink from the flask is Xironi and Belladonna.

The Golden Moon Temple Part 17
Tallon Memorial Gardens Ambush

Part 17

The hooligans don’t know how to find a good mark. They see a defenseless little girl but they don’t realize that Xironi is more broke then they are. As the robbers approach Xironi the rest of the adventurers appear except for Taquito. Even without divine powers Xironi and Mr. Sunshine are still threats. Hetha in two swift attacks slices the halfing into a quarterling, and Mr. Sunshine subdues one robber into the ground leaving a crater and a bloody mess.

Xironelle takes the group to a room in the back of the Golden Moon Temple. You can all see on the ground a large symbol drawn out onto the floor. You can tell that this is a spiritual rune of great power, it is a rune used to keep the entrance a secret and to tell others to beware. You can tell that this is a sign of evil. You know that whoever drew this means business and doesn’t want to be disturbed. It is often used in ritual sacrifices to keep people from discovering the operation or from hearing the screams of the dying.

What Xironelle has discovered is a small piece of rope that when pulled lifts up a large stone, uncovering a staircase into the dark depths below the Temple.

The Golden Moon Temple Part 16
Xironi Gathers Adventurers

Part 16

Xironielle has discovered a large secret entrance going underground hidden inside the Golden Moon Temple where she works. She gathers up a group of adventurers who can assist her by exploring this underground entrance. Xironielle knows each of them in some way: Hetha from smuggling at the Golden Moon Shrine, Rhaize from his volunteer work at the shrine and him often taking shelter, Taquito from working at his fathers large enterprise Xironelle eats at the Dingleberry Diner all the time, Belladonna from her work as a criminal of Athiisar, and Steve from his righteous acts at the Hillside Temple. Xironielle has been doing a lot of work in Athiisar bringing people to the faith of Pelor. Xironielle has met each of you in her adventurers around the city and you all know Xironielle very well. This however is the first time that the rest of the characters have officially been introduced to each other.

She messages everyone she knows and says that she is calling out the favors that she has accumulated. They all owe Xironi for something in the past and she tells them to meet her at the Tallon Memorial Gardens because she has found something disturbing. She waits in the gardens until she is attacked by a couple of robbers that come from the shadows.

The Golden Moon Temple Part 15
Gungor's Crimes of Servitude

Part 15

So Gungor took beggars, peasants, people who wouldn’t be missed, and brainwashed them with the power of the Orb. The Orb changes people’s personalities. Gungor used this power to make these people will themselves to wanting to be sacrificed. Gungor was trying to open the gateway further, but it took a numerous quantity of sacrifices. Gungor’s largest struggle was getting past Xironi, so Corinth helped by making Gungor incorporeal, having his insubstantial phasing form bring down the sacrifices.

Gungor heard Corinth talking to him. guiding him step by step, but Gungor knew that the power here was stronger than even Corinth. Gungor opened a door and saw a large demon who was craving corpses. So Gungor tossed some of his sacrifices into the chamber, leaving the huge demon at peace as Corinth commanded the snake to borrow lower and lower. Gungor realized that he could not resist Corinth, Corinth had control over Gungor the moment that Gungor went through the hidden entrance into this secret tunnel. Gungor now could only continue to play his part that was decided for him by Corinth.

The Golden Moon Temple Part 14

Part 14

Gungor used to be a man of faith but after the planes have shifted he has wandered around peddling his wares, begging for his supper. That was when he stumbled upon a hidden entrance. It was a portal of sorts, into the backroom of the temple. The temple is large enough that secret entrances aren’t uncommon. However, even the smugglers didn’t know about this entrance for there seemed to be no reason to enter into this back room. Gungor felt called to go deeper underground. Xironi knew of the backroom, because she use to use it for storage years before the planes shifted. Now, whatever supplies she had stored back there have been used or sold.

As Gungor lifted up some loose stone tiles placed over a large hole he wandered down this oddly smooth tunnel. A tunnel that was hollowed out by a large snake like creature. Gungor found numerous skeletons, a strange orb, and unlimited power. Power that could possess men much stronger willed than Gungor. For Gungor found down here the pathway to the gods. This is a gateway to the divine channel, and it is the in between world of Torril and the astral sea and outer planes. This is what powered the divine miracles of the temple. The gateway isn’t large enough to travel through as a person, but the power definitely can move through here. The divine power only has a limited range and it requires being lower underground. The darkness under Athiisar, whatever horrible thing it is, however, mixes with the power that comes from the divine channel and taints the holy power that is surging through these caverns. This is a gateway which if powered properly (what Gungor was trying to do) or assisted with the help of an Angel or Devil could lead as a hallway to the divine. However at this moment it is a dangerous tool that surges with power untamed. It is unwieldy and untapped, power without anything holding it back. However, what Gungor noticed while down here is that it is locked. It isn’t merely that the divine powers were separated by the spellplague, but that they also didn’t want something to invade… or escape.

The Golden Moon Temple Part 13
The Old Temple

Part 13

The Golden Moon Temple is anything but golden these days. Since the God’s have been “cut off” there has been little need for those with divine talents. The only person left in charge of the Golden Moon Temple is Xironelle. The temple has been laid waste and covered in dust and a smell of must. The temple once was great but now it is almost abandoned. Only on the rare occasion does a traveller enter in for a little shelter from the rain or for a little food. Occasionally someone will ask for a miracle that Pelor may grant but that is a rare occurrence. The Temple’s income is incredibly low and the Temple is only here by Donation from a few gangs who use it to make deals, trades, and to assist in smuggling. Even though Xironelle doesn’t approve of these kinds of actions, if it can keep the Temple standing then it must be done. The Golden Moon Temple has been home to many deities in the past and it has always had a spiritual aura around it. Yet all adventurers can feel that the power is deluded and distant. The divine powers seep through slowly and you can feel that they are muffled by another source. This has happened to all the temples. These temples are places where divine powers can occur but they are weakened and are strangled by something else, not only because of the distance from the astral sea.

The Golden Moon Temple Part 12
Divine Nodes

Part 12

There are many temples, and the divine powers work inside some of the temples, but they don’t work outside of them. That is because these select points have a connection the divine channel.

The divine powers, contrary to most beliefs were not cut off. They were diminished, deluded, and muffled because of the distance to the divine planes. You see, the divine planes before the shift were so close together that you didn’t notice the channels. Since they have been pulled apart the channels have been stretched and so the divine powers don’t come through as strong without a “divine power node”.

It is only those select divine nodes where the channels touch Toril’s plane, that any divine powers can be used. That is, unless the channels are opened by the way of a key.

The feywild have suffered a similar fate. They aren’t gone, they are just hidden. It is why when an eladrin teleports they have no direction or control of where they appear. The fey opened up one of their channels because of the broken agreement, the divine however have no need or wish to reopen their channels and something would prefer to keep them sealed.

One such temple with a divine node was known as The Golden Moon Temple

The Golden Moon Temple Part 11

Part 11

Then the Spellplague came.

The Spellplague altered arcane magic, changing its properties forever. It also had a profound effect on magical items, destroying many of them or changing their effects and powers.
With the Spellplague came worldwide cataclysms. Some lands sank beneath the ocean while others collapsed into the Underdark. The unraveling of the Weave and resulting Spellplague also altered the world’s relationship to the planes.
With the weakening of the Divine with Toril, the influence of the gods became greatly diminished. Divine powers now require more than the actions of a cleric or priest. Now, the addition of a “divine power node” is required whether it is a particular location conducive to a particular deity’s influence, a sanctified temple of holy site, an artifact, or some other node of power. Due to this, those whose power relied upon divine favor found themselves at a dire disadvantage to those who relied upon the sword or spell.
Those worldwide cataclysms and the shifting of planes left a small pocket of time and space. A portal, a gateway, a hidden entrance to the secret tunnel.

the Golden Moon Temple Part 10
Corith's Mental Presence

Part 10

Beyond the knowledge of anyone. Corinth’s telepathy grew stronger and stronger manipulating the beings above ground. Corinth summoned a serpent from above to carve a tunnel down to Corinth’s chamber. A huge demon found its way into the tunnel and remained their, feeding off of the evil power of Corinth. The demon felt charged with power and devoted his servitude to Corinth, calling him “master”.


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