Crime Pays

Chapter 1 - Session 2
Finding the Blue Dragon

PCs: Mouse; Partuur; Tempo; Toshiro; Ka’Rak; Drasak
Locations: City of Zindalankh along the Brightstar Lake
NPCs: Vallarim (Blue Dragon Lord of Zindalankh)

In which Ka’Rak, gladiator slave owned and cherished by Vallarim, loses a gladiator bout against life-sucking Netherillian gladiators and is banished by Vallarim for his defeat – and the party joins with him and Drasak to travel East toward Athiisar.

Vallarim – Tyrant of Zindalankh
Blue dragon

Chapter 1-Session 1.6

The road to the unknown West passed by a long, deep blue lake. The lake has a name, and Hu Sen knew it, but of his escorts only Tempo was paying attention. Toshiro assumed he’d hear it again when Tempo added it to a song or poem.

But the name didn’t matter as much as what was in the lake: a long serpent, its scales a brownish red, its body ten feet in diameter, high and long enough to block the road while still keeping most of its body apparently in the lake. Mouse was initially excited about finding the blue dragon until Hu Sen knocked him on the head and told him this wasn’t blue.

The serpent, speaking in an ancient version of the language of Shou Lung, demanded the answer to a riddle before it would let anyone pass. Tempo quickly rose to the challenge, although he was stumped for quite a long time. Partuur was sure the poet would end up eaten.

Once Tempo beat the riddle, the serpent slithered into the lake — a process that took five full minutes, because it was a big serpent.

It was only then that the group discovered Hu Sen was missing.

While most were distracted by the serpent, Hu Sen, by this time of day already red-nosed from the flask he kept between Mouse’s shoulder blades, was distracted by a nymph that appeared at the edge of the forest. He clambered down and scampered off after her.

Fortunately, Mouse is pretty good at tracking. With Toshiro riding on his back, Mouse thundered through the forest until they spotted Hu Sen about to climb into a hole in a tree. The old man was rescued, although he didn’t see it that way.

Chapter 1-Session 1.5
Are we there yet?

Hu Sen laughed hysterically when Toshiro Timone woke up screaming and scrambling from his bedroll. While Mouse attempted to talk him down out of a chalknut tree, Partuur scooped up a large thunderbug out of Toshiro’s bedroll.

“Harmless,” Partuur said, watching the little bug walk up and down his arm. “But they like warm bodies and dark places.”

“I know. I was the warm body!”

Chapter 1 - Session 1
Setting out from Shou Lung
PCs: Mouse; Partuur; Tempo; Toshiro
Locations: Matisi (village in Chin Tung Province of Shou Lung)
NPCs: Yingjie (the bully); Kirioshi (Yingjie’s grandfather); Kihei Zaicho (aid to lord Ko); Ko Mei Kho (merchant lord); Hu Sen (venerable hairy man)

In which Partuur and Mouse get their butts kicked by a drunken bully - and the party is hired by the merchant lord Ko Mei Kho to escort the venerable Hu Sen to Nathan, a Shou community south of Athiisar. The party starts travel East along the Silk Road.

Hu Sen
Hu sen   body   small


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