Xironi's Angel

Xironi's Angel, awarded for being the most divine of the divine


You have an Angel that you can summon as a minor action to any square. The angel can be summoned multiple times in the same encounter but only one encounter per day.

If you want to move the angel you have to use another minor action. The angel, when summoned has an effect that lasts for the entire encounter and an aura that lasts for the entire encounter the effect resets when re-summoned.

Effect: One target enemy, must attack target ally or is immediately teleported adjacent to the angel.

Aura 1: Any unaligned or lower alignment creature that is adjacent to the angel has vulnerability 15 radiant.

The angel can not receive damage or deal damage. The angel can not heal or be healed. If the angel becomes for any reason dazed, unconscious, surprised, stunned, or helpless it can make a save with a +4 bonus.

and Xironi has no way of losing her alignment.


Xironi's Angel

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