Tempo Timone's Flagon

Flagon of Unending Drink


This magical drinking vessel appears to be nothing more than a rather well-made figure or nickle-silver, with a fair amount of engraving and bas-relief scilptures depicting grapes, vines, wheat, and drinking scenes. The flagon remains empty until the holder wishes to drink. The flagon then slowly fills (about the speed of a 1/4th turned sink tap) with grog, a watered down version of cheap, rot-gut rum, not particularly tasty but will keep a person alive (fed and watered) indefinitely.

When drinking the grog, after a fifth glass in an hour’s time, an imbiber must roll 1d20 against their constitution with each glass or pass out. If the check fails, the character falls asleep for 2d8 hours, and cannot be awakened by nonmagical means.


Tempo Timone's Flagon

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