Tempo's magic 8 Ball

Useless toy for the indecisive


Designed by a wizard to help the indecisive make life choices. You must ask the object a yes or no question. That is the only way that it is capable of being useful. It depends upon random chance and holds 20 different answers. Each answer wraps up to yes, no, or maybe. It is a useless object with no magic, but often fools with weak minded and the gullible. Those who want to believe will always find power in the mundane.


Tempo had set up a small little table on the side of the streets reading people’s fortunes for a minimal fee or any information that they had to give. Tempo had a good thing going, he could usually tell a fortune every five minutes, ten minutes if it was a big fortune, and he needed a 15 minute break every two hours just to cool his nerves. As each person walked up to him, he asked the same question, “Will you sing a song?” It didn’t matter if they sang well, just as long as they opened up their destiny, and revealed their true selves to him. No deception, no lies, nothing clouding up their aura. Tempo’s usual customers were beggers or coves, sometimes Tempo had the occasional honest worker, and rarely Tempo would have enemy gangs cove members come over to have their fortunes read. Tempo’s reputation had stretched to all of Athiisar but few people would actually go to Tempo for an answer. Tempo this particular day had an unusual client. She was a higher class of client coming from between Southbridge and the Market circle. She had an unusual fortune and it was complicated. She was shy, she wasn’t used to the dirtier parts of Athiisar and it was obvious she didn’t get out much. She said her name was Cindy, and she sang, “Girls just want to have fun”, a song which gave Tempo a large hint about her background and her problem. Tempo picked up that her fortune wasn’t going to have freedom unless she made a drastic turn of events. Tempo also recommended that she stay under the protection of her parents or wards.
“If you escape, if you break free, if you search for what you have been denied, you will not be able to go back. If you make the decision to go on your own you will see more and more of the streets, and you eventually will wind up here. Your destiny is in your hands, but I see it clearly that you have two choices. Stay under the rules of your guardians, or you will wind up here begging next to me.” She said thanks and was appreciative of the advice. Cindy handed Tempo a large round black orb with a tinted window. “It doesn’t work. I asked my father for advice and he said he didn’t have an answer so he went down to a magician who sold him this. It said try again later every time I asked it a question. It is truly useless and has no power, but I thought it might entertain someone who did have a true connection to the powers of prediction. Thank you, and this is my gift to you.” Tempo looked at the orb puzzled like, and not willing to turn down the gift put it in his pack. To be given a treasure that is perfectly useless is just fine for him. Most people can’t tell the difference from magic and from what seems like magic. Tempo could give people a thousand fortunes and it wouldn’t change the fact that they still have the chance to alter it if they try hard enough. Though the strength and will that they need would have to be truly incredible. Most often it takes a touch of magic or out thinking your destiny for you to be able to change what the fates have already aligned.

Tempo's magic 8 Ball

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