Taquito's Demon


You (Richard) are haunted by a Demon (Sunny) that will fight with you. Standard action to summon the demon to any square. To move the demon you have to simply re-summon.

Demon defenses AC25 Reflex 25 Fort 14 Will 28

Sunny HP 500 (can’t be healed)

If Sunny is the target of an attack he must use Lucifer’s Laughter against the target that attacked him this consumes his owner’s (Richard’s) standard action.

Standard Action Range 10

Lucifer’s Laughter
+15 vs Will
The target takes 20 damage and is marked by Richard -2.

Free Action Demonic Aura
Triggered when owner (Richard) is damaged
Burst 5.
Deals 20 fire and necrotic damage to every target in burst.

When you summon Sunny he makes all of your attacks have the keywords Necrotic, Fire, and Psychic, and all of your attacks now deal Necrotic, Fire, and Psychic along with any damage types the attack previously had, when attacking demons and devils you have a -10 and you are now tainted by evil. (no way to regain alignment)


Taquito's Demon

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