Mad Monkey Fu

Martial Art Style - practitioners tend to wobble around like drunken apes


Mad Monkey is a soft style martial art. It provides the user with a +5 AC bonus if wearing no other armor, or the normal armor class if armor is worn or magical items that provide armor are used (an individual using a ring of defense would not get the +5 bonus from Mad Monkey).

Lesson 1 – Meditation:
One hour of meditation equals two hours of normal sleep. During meditation the student is oblivous to hunger, cold, heat, and thirst. The student is aware of his surroundings and does not suffer penalties to surprise or initiative.

Lesson 2 – Feint:
By dodging and weaving drukenly, the Mad Monkey fighter lures his opponent out of position. This takes a move action and requires an attack roll. If a hit is made, he gains a +2 to hit on the next attack. These pluses are not cumulative.

Lesson 3 – All Around Sight:
Cannot be struck from behind and does not suffer a penalty for attacks from the rear – thus will negate enemy bonus due to flanking. Always in operation to the student who has mastered this discipline.


Mad Monkey Fu

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