Broadsheet - Waterside Gazette - 1

A Broadsheet out of Waterside



Greetings and Salutations friends. In these Dark Days with Lords of Shadow threatening to the North, our fine Civic Leaders have promised that this would be a grand opportunity for our Grand City of Athiisar – and it indeed has. With trade stifled elsewhere and the coin of the displaced flowing in, Athiisar has seen a growth in riches never before seen.

However, that was before the latest news of Dragons from the West! I have heard that a bard, Tempo Timone, has recently announced that an army of Dragons so Vast that the Sun was blotted from the Sky so the land was plunged into Dusk has conquered the Lands of Amn!

I say to those who have grown fat on our being the only trade route to the South – to and through Amn – what now! Will your fat purses and fine garments save Athiisar now! When one sits the fence – beware the fall! Just that when the great fall, the Little Folk often are crushed!

Truly Your Servant,
Septivus the Quill


Broadsheet - Waterside Gazette - 1

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