Belladonna's pocketwatch

Black goo manifestation

You have an ancient relic (Gold watch) on a gold chain with a diamond in the very center and it holds a power, you get to choose the power when you use it, you can use either of these powers as a free action. You get to take your turn again OR go first in initiative (even if you have just went). After you use the relic and you have taken your turn, the DM takes your turn again and can use a move, minor, and standard action.

As everyone talks with the Deva the black goo drips off and out of your body. It comes out like beads of sweat, and pools around your hands. The black goo then turns into an ancient relic with deep dark numbers. It’s power is still evil, but you know that it can help you.

The dark power is now contained in an easily manageable item.

You can manipulate time… but something else will manipulate you.

Belladonna's pocketwatch

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