Tempo Timone

Bard of Awesome



Place of Birth: Kozakura
Languages: Common, Kozakuran, Shou,
Scores over 15: Cha 20; Wis 14
Sight: Normal
Passive Insight: 18
Passive Perception: 18
Skills over 9: Bluff, Diplomacy, Streetwise
Flaw: FEEBLE: -2 to Dex and Str skills
Merit: ALLURING: +2 to Cha skills against opposite gender
Heirloom Item: Greatbow
Heirloom Powers: Songbow
Armor: Hide
Weapon: Greatbow, arrows,
Other Items: Ritual Book, 2 bottles of wine, 3 pitchers of ale, 1 luxury room for a night, 2 sets of travel papers, a disguise, 1 identification papers with a portrait, a lute, ceremonial drumsticks, and a Gold Censor


Raised by a minstrel family of gypsies he was used to talking his way out of arguments, stealing from the audience, and being the main attraction of the crowd. He was also used to playing a pleasant tune. Tempo lives by the phrase, “it is not what you know, but who you know.” Tempo uses his friendly connections to get what he needs, and what he needs is often what others want. Tempo just wants to see everyone happy, or more importantly, not angry at him. Tempo also knows who to blame when he falls short. Tempo isn’t strong, in fact he is as weak as a peasant, but he makes up for his physical strength with an extra sense of awareness. He seeks out danger, and knows when it strikes. Helpful in a battle by alerting his comrades of present dangers, Tempo, like a general stands back and studies the fluid movements of his companions, and the choreography of the enemies. Tempo is highly trained with a bow, but he knows that he can’t take a hit and can’t dish it out. His power comes with his precision and his aim, which up to now has never failed. Tempo has a sense of the future, but what lies ahead of him now stays murky and unclear like it is shrouded by a Drow. Everyone likes Tempo, his high charisma has never… almost never failed him. With his optimistic attitude, his cheerful, perky disposition, his need to spread solace and a melody on his tongue, he will go far. He is compelled by his need to please everyone that has placed him into this line of work. So with all the friends in low places, it still is a hard knocked life and he can’t always get what he wants, but he gets by with a little help from his friends.


Tempo Timone

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