Tall barbarian with an axe --really a halberd . Hide leather armour made from creatures Mouse killed on his vision quest.


18 str 14 con 14 char everything else ave.]

Mouse is about 6’4" 240 lbs. and really buff. He’s always been smaller than those around him and he has a little of the short guy thing. Also he’s always had everything around him -- furniture everything scaled to fit Goliaths. He tends to be hard on normal human sized items,

weapon Halbred and throwing axes

looking for good picture


rphaned human who was raised by Goliaths. (Real family killed by bandits—-or they acted like bandits) His sister can kick your ass. Brave to the point of being foolish Mouse charges into combat cleaving into his foes screaming ing triumph when he slays his foe, Mouse is really still loyal to his tribe and has his own reasons for heading into civilization.


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