Mul Battlemind (male) [Age: Unknown] - 4th Level


Place of Birth: Murghôm
Languages: Common, Dwarven
Scores over 15: Constitution 20
Sight: Normal
Passive Insight: 12
Passive Perception: 12
Skills over 9: Endurance 12
Flaw: THRILLSEEKER – On the first round of an encounter, your first attack must be the charge action.
Merit: BOLD & DARING – Whenever you mark a target, you may pull the target 1 square.
Heirloom Item: Maul
Heirloom Powers:
Armor: Scale
Weapon: Maul, Warhammer & Shield
Other Items: Throwing Hammers


Between the high plateau of Thay and the Dust Desert of Raurin lies the oft-conquered land of Murghôm. Murghôm shook free of Mulhorandi bonds when that nation collapsed, only to fall under the dominion of more ominous masters—the dragon princes. Like in Mulhorand, slavery is allowed in Murghôm. Unlike in Mulhorand, however, slaves are the direct property of the individual person who bought them, and there is no legal obligation to treat them well, slaves are non-entities in Murghôm law. Generally, most people have the decency to treat them well, but the slaves of less decent persons have no legal recourse available to them. Many slaves are acquired from other countries, some as an imprisonment sentence, while others are born into slavery. Of these born into slavery muls are the most valued. Many muls born into gladiatorial careers are adorned with tattoos of decoration and ownership.

One such slave born through a forced union between human and dwarven slaves was bred by his masters for a single purpose, to create the ultimate gladiator. Life’s brutal lessons started early for this mul, enduring painful training, grueling conditioning and lethal testing of skills on a daily basis. He owed his survival largely to the stamina and hardiness of his mixed heritage. As he matured that heritage took solid muscular form accompanied with a keen mind. His body mastered each weapon presented while his mind took tactical advantage of every situation, he became a living weapon.

Rising to the top tier of his masters gladiatorial slaves he earned himself a name. He chose Ka’Rak, the sound of his weapon crushing bone, and it meant victory. His prowess in battle became well known and as his renown grew his masters traveled abroad seeking new challengers for him to conquer. He became well versed in various types of weapons and developed an affinity for the strange and unusual. In group combat he preferred a shield and the alhulak, a flail type weapon with a short length of rope separating a four bladed grappling hook from a two foot long handle. In single combat nothing beat the massive damage of a heavy two handed weapon.

After spending years under the oppressive yoke of his masters and tiring of being passed from one Slaveholder to another he has recently begun to feel a need for change.

  • Reflection: (Additional Character Background)

Always ready to test his skills against a worthy opponent and secretly enjoying the exhilaration of the arena crowd, Ka’Rak thought back on his many victories. Once he stood within the ring of battle he would single out the biggest, baddest foe and charge head on to meet in merciless combat until only one was left standing. It was during one of these matches he first started to develop an affinity for a particular weapon. A heavy headed maul of no consequence but as he held it in his grip prior to battle he could feel victory within his grasp. Since that day he never allowed the weapon to be out of his reach.

  • Defeat!

Stripped of his rank, the Blue Dragon turned it’s back on his many victories, one solitary defeat and he was cast out of the Arena. Angry and determined to have his vengeance he vowed one day to return.


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