Dimetrius Ronin

"Hexblade? Too ostentatious. Swordmage? The academy didn't want me."


Place of Birth: Unknown
Languages: Common, Elven
Key ability scores: Int 21, Dex 15
Sight: Normal
Passive Insight: 12
Passive Perception: 17
Trained Skills: Acrobatics +9, Arcana +12, History +12, Intimidate +7, Perception +7
Flaw: FEY ENAMORED “My beloved wouldn’t like it if I took up arms against her kind.” (-2 to attack rolls against fey creatures)
Heirloom Item: Rapier
Heirloom Powers: +1 Luckblade
Armor: Leather
Weapon: Rapier
Other Items:


Dimetrius Ronin was a student at one of Faerun’s prestigious swordmage academies. During an accidental trip to the Feywild, Dimetrius fell in love with a fey maiden, who granted him a portion of her magic in return for a promise that he would return to her. The academy, unfortunately, didn’t approve of Dimetrius’ “extracurricular training”, as they put it, so they expelled him. He began work as a blade for hire, seeking a way back to the Feywild.

After falling in with a band of mercenaries, Dimetrius met the party as they were assaulting the Beggar-King’s lair. He promptly threw in his lot with them, because they looked like they could pay better. After the founding of Torchwood, Dimetrius took a couple of weeks to locate a fey crossing to meet his beloved again, where she gave him training in the bladesinger tradition, releasing him from the pact he had made with her in the process. In exchange for the pact, she made a promise of her own: if Dimetrius should ever fall in battle, his beloved will come to ensure his return to life.

Dimetrius Ronin

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