Crime Pays

The Golden Moon Temple Part 9

The Construction of the Temple

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The Construction of the Temple: The Golden Moon Temple Part 9

After Scooter’s Family Butcher shop closed they noticed that the area had a very strong connection to the divine and they made The Golden Moon Temple. The Golden Moon Temple was a Temple to the deities of Selune and Pelor. Together they make the Golden Moon. It requires both deities together to bring peace and harmony among all people. For the moon does not reflect without the light of the sun. Of course the light of the sun can’t spread everywhere without the help of the moon. Which deity is better has been a debate for years but they both help each other in this symbiotic relationship. Before the Golden Moon Temple was made in the image of Selune and Pelor the warehouse district had no temple for those with the divine inclination to take refuge. The Golden Moon Temple was a splendid sight, dazzling architecture that made even nobles travel across the bridge to the other side just to look upon it with awe.

It was so beautiful that people would pay just to enter into its beautiful sanctum. The architect who designed the temple was one of the most brilliant craftsman in the land. He was paid so well to make this temple but he put every penny he earned back into buying the best materials to make this temple last for all time. The architect didn’t sleep more than two hours a day as he became obsessed, with making this temple his only ambition in life. The architect then died the day after the temple was released from exhaustion, poor diet, and stress. His obsession did in fact turn this temple into the most beautiful and well supported building in all of Athiisar. Even if Athiisar is rained on by fire, flood, dragons, giants, arcane cannons or Tiamat itself, this temple will still stand.



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