Crime Pays

The Golden Moon Temple Part 7

Athiisar Court House

Origins: The Golden Moon Temple part 1
Corinth Sinatra: The Golden Moon Temple Part 2
Corinth’s Education: The Golden Moon Temple Part 3
The Sacrifice: The Golden Moon Temple Part 4
False Paladin: The Golden Moon Temple Part 5
Corinth Remains: the Golden Moon Temple Part 6
Athiisar Court House: The Golden Moon Temple Part 7

Part 7

On the field of sacrifices, as the city of Athiisar was being formed they clung to what little order the city officials could. They built a court system to keep order and keep the structure and safety of Athiisar’s residents. As the city of Athiisar became a popular trade city the nobles disliked the slums and the poor. As the rich get richer and the poor become more poor this causes an unsightly dark spot of the city. The court house became an institution for corrupt nobles to cleanse the sore sight by executing and eliminating the poor. Eventually those nobles were caught and executed in their own court house for the underhanded dealings that they performed. Their greed costing them their lives.



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