Crime Pays

the Golden Moon Temple Part 6

Corinth Remains

Origins: The Golden Moon Temple part 1
Corinth Sinatra: The Golden Moon Temple Part 2
Corinth’s Education: The Golden Moon Temple Part 3
Sacrifice: The Golden Moon Temple Part 4
The False Paladin: The Golden Moon Temple Part 5
Corinth Remains: The Golden Moon Temple Part 6

Part 6

The power that Corinth had was scattered throughout these underground chambers. Corinth’s weapon, his crystal orb with the skull of his master was left in the chambers. The cold calculated form of Corinth caused the temperatures to drop considerably. Corinth with his mental prowess and his connection to the divine caused the tunnels to freeze and formed his own ice guardian. With his power he formed a statue of himself and infused his own evil intent into the statue’s arm. The chambers were buried with rocks and dirt. The odds of someone or something coming down this far was beyond all imagination of the high priests.

Corinth’s clothes that he was wearing when he was sacrificed he had moved by the other immortal sacrifices, along with whatever magic weapons he was accustomed to carrying.



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