Crime Pays

The Golden Moon Temple Part 3

Corinth's education

Origins: The Golden Moon Temple part 1
Corinth Sinatra: The Golden Moon Temple Part 2
Corinth’s Education:
The Most Powerful Sacrifice: The Golden Moon Temple Part 4

Part 3

Corinth’s birth of sin, inspired him to research other pathways beyond the hedonistic ways of the bard. He became an arcane initiative learning to master the use of an orb. He then surpassed his master by learning to use a crystal orb, so as to better attune himself with channeling psychic energy into someone’s mind. Corinth after he was done being tutored made his master go insane before ripping out the wizard’s skull. Taking the skull Corinth encased it within crystal to use as his implement.

He then became an initiative of the faith, learning of the divine ramifications of his evil deeds. However, Corinth instead took away the aspect that he must become stronger than the gods if he was going to continue on his wicked path. Corinth depended more on making him seem like an ideal ally to The Shadow, rather than focussing on changing his alignment. Corinth made this clear by killing his clerical master.

Corinth searched for a master who would take him before finding an Ardent who explained the healing powers of the mind. However, even this master Ardent was not able to heal his own mind after the terrible things Corinth forced him to see.

Corinth with his mastery of different classes also learned the ways of the Runepriest. Corinth learned that the runes were just as powerful as any other healing. Corinth truly liked his Runepriest master, however he knew that was a sign of weakness. Corinth decided that he could not kill his mastery. So Corinth hired a beast tamer to devour the Runepriest.

Finally Corinth went under the wing of an old general who taught Corinth an important lesson about patience and standing your ground. Corinth at this point truly had engrained into the mind that the victor is whoever has the abilities to withstand the onslaught. If you can take all the damage that an enemy dishes out, your victory is assured. This is what changed Corinth from enjoying the pleasures of the moment, to looking for everlasting power. After learning this Corinth crippled the warlord, leaving him eternally dumb, deaf, mute, with no limbs left to move. Having him live out his short life caged, waiting, inside his own body.



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