Crime Pays

The Golden Moon Temple Part 28

The Sacrifice Again

Part 28

Ares offers, but Mr. Sunshine knows that it must be him. That it must be a pure sacrifice. They all look at Mr. Sunshine as he stands there alone in the center of the runes. Xironi slowly gives him the blue handled sacrificial dagger as he holds it to his chest. Mr. Sunshine looks at everyone and he sings, “The Last Supper”

While singing he takes off his armor and puts on the fancy clothes that he picked up in the supply close. He then takes his flask of water, dumps it out, and fills it from Hetha’s never ending keg, and takes some bread and passes it around. (Mr. Sunshine stops singing the song before getting to the parts about the betrayal and denial.) As the song comes to an end, he thrusts the blade into his heart.

Corinth Sinatra’s skull glows blue as Mr. Sunshine falls to the ground, and the portal becomes wide enough for everyone to enter.

Hetha and Xironi help Mr. Sunshine in as everyone walks through the portal together. Sunny, Marian, and Ares’s zombie run through as well not wanting to be left behind.



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