Crime Pays

The Golden Moon Temple Part 27

Unholy Earthquake

Part 27

Gungor, had he more time and more vessels, would have been able to harness this power and have found a way to hold the non-deluded powers of a deity. All of you have had your faith shaken by being down here and have found that this is the source of all power and unholiness. It is evil for it to remain here unprotected and you must do something. This is a source of evil and the power source of the divine, these two powers are mingling so that it is causing a terrible reaction. The area behind the destroyed totems begin to shake and the entire room starts to tilt and fall apart. Unless the power is dealt with accordingly it will tear the tunnel, the temple, and all of Athiisar into ruins. For with the conflict between the righteous divine powers and the dark unholiness from below, it is causing a violent cataclysm of power.

As Gungor dies the portal starts to spark and discharge. You hear the tunnel rumble as you remember the words of Corinth that have echoed you all this time, “There must be a sacrifice.” The sacrifice must be willing.



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