Crime Pays

The Golden Moon Temple Part 26

Fighting Gungor

Part 26

Belladonna destroys the three temples. Under the frog temple is a swarm of frogs, under the pyramid is the gateway to the divine node itself, and under the gold statue is a lightning trap, and gold. Meanwhile Xironi pins Gungor in between two angels with the help of Mr. Sunshine. Hetha slashes away at Gungor keeping his regeneration at bay, while Rhaize tries to help Taquito who because of his demon is causing damage to everyone. Taquito however is keeping the frogs from spreading whenever he isn’t dead. Ares is the most productive by standing in the middle of a of the runes and calling upon the powers from above. All the power that Gungor has been channeling rushes through Ares and then dissipates instantly causing the reaction to his body to be extremely painful. Ares dies from the pain twice during this incredible encounter. Though Ares did so out of initially selfish intentions, the end result is that he saved everyone’s lives. Without Ares taking all the damage, the damage would have been redirected to cause devastation upon the group, or upon Athiisar itself.



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