Crime Pays

The Golden Moon Temple Part 25

Facing Gungor

Part 25

Rhaize picks up the Corinth as the party continues on into the next room where you see a sign that in Elven says, “My Will and power will open new doors and create a new world. Then, people will appreciate the strength and power of the divine once the gates are thrown open. Beware, for those who disturb the process will be destroyed.”

You can feel the power surging behind the door. You know that behind this door is the one you have been seeking.

You see a large room with a small Elven Necromancer with three giant totems behind him. The three Totems have elven runes on them and they seem to be glowing while sucking the light out of the room.
“You are too late” Gungor booms, his voice echoing with power, “I have found the source to the divine that have abandoned you, and I will use their power to make myself a new god.”

As these words resonate Belladonna is infused with power given to her from beyond the Astral plane. The power is immense, yet she doesn’t even know that she possesses it.



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