Crime Pays

The Golden Moon Temple Part 24

Discovering Corinth

Part 24

Through the course of the battle Hetha sets the fountain of rejuvenation on fire. Ares dies twice, Taquito is appears inside of a frog and is spat out again. After flying towards the demon Taquito is awesome declaring a showdown between him and the demon, and Mr. Sunshine saves everyone.

From the corpse of the demon is born a smaller lesser demon named Sunny, who is bonded instantly to Taquito.

You see a staircase from behind the demon and you hear chanting coming from below.

You enter into a long hallway with skeletons dangling by their arms that are chained to the ceiling by large hooks. You move around the hallway dodging the dangling skeletons when you see the door on the opposite side is blocked by a crystal skull dangling from the ceiling by a hook.

You begin to hear a soft sound (begin chanting) and as you look at the crystal skull and it begins to sing. (Hooked on a Feeling).

Corinth will not be held by the spawn of a blood sucker and he will not be held by Mr. Sunshine, which is why he will begin a rap off. He can’t stand to be held by Belladonna, Xironi can not hold the crystal skull because it is evil.

The crystal skull: Corinth Sinatra

A magic intelligent item. Will give you advice that is usually wrong. It wants nothing more for you to become dead so that you and the skull can be together forever. If you die while possessing the crystal skull you start to turn into crystal 1/3 per death. The crystal skull can be broken with an Arcana, a Religion, a Thievery, an Athletics check, a heal, and Diplomacy (or intimidate) 5 of these are necessary to destroy the crystal skull. The crystal skull will do whatever it can or say whatever it wants, to make you get closer to death. The crystal skull also acts like a lounge singer. The crystal skull is worth a level 5 magic item but no one will trade or buy it from you. They see the crystal skull as a terrible thing. The crystal skull is evil, and is lonely.



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