Crime Pays

The Golden Moon Temple Part 23

Zombies, Demons, and Deva

Part 23


As you walk into the room you feel the overcharge of divine energy explode.

Hetha feels like she is sailing on the sea. Your move is doubled while in this room. You can also shift as a free action.

Rhaize, you feel a change come over you like your mind is eclipsed by another force. (He switches every turn)

Belladonna your vulture becomes an actual avatar (can do her rogue attack without the sneak attack damage.) Because of her interaction with the goo you become Mind Controlled. Belladonna must dance with Taquito to the song Rock Monster Must Role play in Real Life! In Game while Mind Controlled she will do whatever she can to kill Rhaize, including kicking him in the rear.

Sunshine, all radiant attacks deal double damage

Xironi (vulnerable 10 radiant to Xironi’s attacks and Xironi’s attacks ignore Demon Overlord’s resistances)

Taquito (Gluttony, you get to fly anywhere.)

Ares has been filled with the blood of life. (He has regeneration 8)

If any player gets a critical miss the floor erupts into radiant fire. The Radiant fire deals 20 radiant and fire damage and is rough terrain. It stays there for the remainder of the encounter.

The room is made of dirt, the only stone in the room are three large ancient carved out mural pictograph stories.

Next to the entrance is a large fountain. (closer inspection) The fountain has elven writing on it, it says the fountain of rejuvenation, please wash hands after use. There also seems to be some much more modern profane markings scribbled in Elven, Common, and some crude pictures that are universal.

The fountain of rejuvenation gives an unconscious player 50 Hit points before flushing and refilling with water.

You see ten zombies all chained to a large red demon who turns his head to look at each of you then focusses on Mr. Sunshine and bows down, “Master”

There is also one other zombie chained to the WALL on the left side, and a man eating plant on the right side of the room. Behind the demon is a chained up woman who is wearing blood soaked clothing (School Marm who will fall in love with Mr. Sunshine) named Marian.

All along the walls you see a story depicted through large carvings in the stone.

On the left is a series of Deva who are writing, reading, and giving money and light to the poor and the merchants.

On the right is a series of Deva who are drinking, killing children, and are destroying villages.

On the far wall is a large mess of Deva killing Deva.

The room is no longer made out of stone. The walls and floor are just packed earth.




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