Crime Pays

The Golden Moon Temple Part 22

Finding Ares

Part 22

Rhaize puts on the mask and takes 500 gold, Belladonna takes 500 gold, and Xironi purifies the evil statue’s arm along with Hetha’s hat. Hetha’s evil hat loses its teeth, and the statue’s arm drips evil slime. Unlock with the purification of the gauntlets, it doesn’t restore the good alignment of everyone, it simply all backlashes into Xironi.

Belladonna touches the black goo with her shoe, then touches it with her hands, and then fills up her water canteen with the black goo.

Xironi, Belladonna, and Rhaize are left behind as the rest of the party continue on.

So they continue along and they find Ares, a paladin left naked, living down here only on his own blood. Hetha frees Ares from his chains and gives him back his magic armor and weapon. As they walk down this hallway they come to a room filled with a red glow. The red glow is so strong that even when at the edge of the room you can’t see into it. It isn’t until Mr. Sunshine pushes Ares into the room that the red glow is gone and you can see.

Taquito is nowhere to be seen again.



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