Crime Pays

The Golden Moon Temple Part 21

Supply Closet in depth

Part 21


Supply Closet
In the room to the right, is 10,000 heavy gold coated steel pieces, a loaded cannon (reduces movement to 2, +15 reflex deals 100 damage on hit 50 on miss.), spare ammunition 2 reduces movement to 2, a warforged statue holding a golden necklace and wearing a scary looking mask, and a long dining table with a feast and a neverending keg of ale laid out.

This room is not freezing and is in fact very relaxing. Along with the Feast is a shiny golden handled Dagger.

Perception check 25-30 you find 6 diamond rings each worth 100 gold.

In the back of the room is a large clothing rack with a mirror on the wall. (if Rhaize looks in the mirror he switches, if Sunshine looks in the mirror he sees himself without the spell scar and then the mirror breaks, if Belladonna looks in the mirror she sees no reflection but instead a giant vulture, if Taquito looks in the mirror he sees a tall handsome man, if Xironi looks in the mirror she sees a heavenly glow about her, and if Hetha looks in the mirror she looks unbelievably hot.)

On the clothing rack is a white silk shirt and a fine black tailored suit with a tie, (increases bluff, streetwise, and diplomacy +2), a couple of green scaly shoes (if worn gives you resist 10 poison), diamond cufflinks, and a stick pin of a crystal skull,
All of these clothes equal about 1,000 gold.

The 10,000 gold pieces are really heavy, equals out to -5 movement penalty can be divided anyway they desire.

(JUST IN CASE: If someone wants to use the gold coated steel plates as ammunition it is 2,000 pieces per fire for 100 damage. 1,000 is 50 dmg 500 is 25 anything less is 10.)

The Cannon and the ammunition are too heavy to carry by one person, two people need to carry an item. It is only a move action to load the cannon and a standard action to fire it.

The Golden Necklace is dazzlingly beautiful. To a collector there could be no price for it. It holds a special power that no one knows of yet and has religious markings carved all over it in supernal and abyssal.
Retail value 8,000 gold

The Scary Mask is a mix between the Green Goblin’s mask, Halle Berry’s catwoman mask, and the mask from The Mask. If it is put on, it forms to your skin perfectly. Any religion check can tell that this mask is evil but indestructible.
The scary mask gives you a +4 speed, +4 Initiative, +2 to all skill checks, an additional +4 to all bluff and diplomacy checks, +2 to all basic attacks, +2 to any mark you perform, +2 to ongoing saves, +10 DMG and lowers your alignment by three. It is turning you into a super villain. If your alignment is lower than chaotic evil you must attack your allies.

The food on the dining table is delicious, it makes you feel great while you are eating it, it gives you enlightened spirits and the more you eat the more temporary hit points you get. However it is extremely poisonous and requires a high skill check 26 (+1 to skill check roll for every 5 temp hit points gained) or higher of any skill to discover that it is poisonous.
For every 5 temp hit points the player receives ongoing 1 damage (cumulative) until they take an extended rest or until you die or you roll an endurance check DC30. A heal check may be performed DC 20 to lower the endurance check required by 5. Heal DC 25 lowers the endurance check required by 10.

For Taquito and his gluttony it goes, 100. 200. 300. 400. Etc.




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