Crime Pays

The Golden Moon Temple Part 20

The Serpent, the Frog, and Gungor

Part 20

The adventurers rush into the serpent’s chamber through the side. They see a frog, and they see the giant ice serpent. The frog spits out Taquito who Rhaize heroically catches. They then decimate and daze the serpent before it really takes affect. There is an invisible wall that water is dripping down, and Rhaize runs straight into it revealing to everyone that, yes, it is an invisible wall. The serpent tries to freeze everyone but the adventurers aren’t flummoxed at all. Even when Gungor comes in insubstantial with phasing. Sunshine takes a swing at him while Gungor simply touches Rhaize. Corinth then manipulates Rhaize, seeing his true nature. Gungor then leaves the chamber while Rhaize pulls out a large plastic feeling tube out of the serpent’s throat. Rhaize is now carrying around this hose like object that the serpent used to spit out water and douse everyone.

The the other side of the room is a supply closet that holds all of the treasure, a magic mirror, a never ending feast, a golden handled dagger that Taquito picks up, a cannon and ammunition, and some fancy clothes and special green scaley shoes. There is also a giant statue that attacks anyone who acts or moves adjacent to it. Every time that this possessed arm moves, it gets stronger every time that it attacks.



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