Crime Pays

The Golden Moon Temple Part 2

Corinth Sinatra

Origins and Beginnings: The Golden Moon Temple part 1
Corinth Sinatra

Back in this time, one of the greatest heroes of all went by the name Corinth Sinatra. Now his name is mostly forgotten by common folk, and only those trained in story and song know his name. Corinth Sinatra was the most legendary of bards, traveling across all Faerun in search of glory, power, and answers.

Corinth stood out in a crowd, shining and reflecting light with his Shardmind body which became a glowing form of inspiration and terror. Corinth was legendary, but as his persona grew so did his pride. His power was extreme and his intelligent cunning ways became wicked. He found the best way to get what he wanted was to move people and have them succumb to his demands. Corinth, unlike most Shardmind’s, sought material gain. All Shardminds are living forms of thought that crystallize and bring forth a being of intelligence. Legend says that Corinth was the pure thought of sin. Every lustful thought, every prideful remark, every greedy action, every envious deed, and every gluttonous desire or imbibition all inspired the creation and gave Corinth his mortal form.

Most Shardmind’s can’t understand society or don’t understand human emotion because they are purely logical forms of thought. Corinth was different, he somehow latched onto the logical aspect that emotion arises from. He said once in a song,

“There are two laws the world lives by,
You are given than someone takes and now you cry,
Best to be the one who takes than wait for life to be given,
I don’t ask for permission instead I ask to be forgiven.

Though just as the cruel can get what they deserve,
In the meantime you were waited on by those who serve,
It is good to be the boss and be on top if that is what you wish,
but you live in fear, like Damocles, because there’s always a bigger fish.”

Corinth Sinatra, with his immortal origin believed that he must obtain a point of absolute power. So that nothing can remove him, destroy him, or demote him from his standard of power. For even if he is confined into one location for a million years, it is better to out last and be forgotten, than to become nothing at all.

“Corinth Sinatra was an Oracle of the Evil Eye, who worshipped the shadow.
Corinth was always fascinated by light, and the darkness that encroaches upon it.
Corinth has always made it his purpose to make everyone know,
That he was born under a bad sign and that he was happy about it.”



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