Crime Pays

The Golden Moon Temple Part 19

Orb of Corinth and the Ice Giant

Part 19

As the adventurers continue on, Taquito finally gets off of work and leaves his day job to catch up them. Following the trail of bodies, blood, and gore that is left behind them.

Taquito is the one who makes a flying leap into the next room after the cup hilt dagger that is floating above a table. As this happens everyone’s personality has a subtle change as the orb glows brightly. As the orb glows Corinth summons the undead monstrosity. A composition of dead limbs that are all attached together. It has a large steel object sticking out of one of his incredibly huge fists, and the cup hilt dagger that was floating above the table is still in its chest.

Taquito turns the monstrosity into a small frog which he then inserts into the never ending flask. The flask trembles, and shakes, and then bursts. The shards of the broken flask fly everywhere as the beast is free and bloodied. The adventurers, especially Hetha, completely ruin the undead beast as the radiant damage from Xironi and Sunshine annihilate what is left of the beast.

As they continue the temperature drops, as the chill of evil overcomes them. The ground becomes less and less stable, less stone and more dirt. Nobody notices, but Taquito has wandered off and disappeared. You then enter the icy chambers and take down the ice giant. Hetha’s blades, that should not have been dealing so much damage, simply sliced through the ice turning it into an ice sculpture. After destroying the ice giant, Belladonna unlocked the chest, Belladonna grabbed the gauntlets, and Xironi grabbed the blue handled dagger off of a table.

While everyone gets out of the cold, they are in the side tunnel. They then keep on talking about what to do with the gauntlets. Somehow in the confusion, Xironi grabs some holy water and purifies the evil gauntlets. The gauntlets restores everyone restoring their spirits and their purity.



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