Crime Pays

The Golden Moon Temple Part 18

The descent into Undead, Swordsman, and Turrets

Part 18
They descend into a large room full of corpses with one corpse on a table. That corpse was fresh but the others all continue to live due to the powers of Corinth and the power node. They have no will because it was taken from them with Corinth’s orb, so they only do Corinth’s bidding. They bite not only the body but the soul, continually weakening your very alignment. With Mr. Sunshine and Xironi spreading light on the situation, and Hetha decapitating the zombies, it wasn’t a problem.

The flying zombie was taken care of by Belladonna teleporting her and Rhaize on board. As Rhaize subdues the zombie and pins it to the wall. Every adventurer then blasts the target leaving a black smear upon the wall. A symbol of their unity and their power. All a spectacle for Corinth and for Taquito when he would follow their bloody trail. Hetha picks up the ceremonial bone dagger from the fresh corpse on the table by the name of Roger Mortis.

As they continue to a large ballroom they solve the problem expertly with the help of Xironi blinding the swordsman, and the rest of the fighters slashing through the situation. Hetha being awesome as usual and picking up the ceremonial carving knife. Hetha actually in one swift maneuver spins around one of the fighters slashed the targets weapon out of its hand, and while still behind the fighter stabbed the knife through its heart. The power surged through the knife as Hetha charged it with power.

They come across another table that has a blood stained knife that Hetha picks up and later gives to Taquito.

They then cross the invisible bridge as arcane turrets strike at them when they get near. They each have different approaches with Xironi using an Angel as a shield and decoy, Mr. Sunshine turning invisible and crossing across, by the most effective was Hetha who teleported down and dismantled each turret. Xironi was the only adventurer to figure out that the invisible bridge is made of magic that allows divine and arcane energy to pass through but nothing of a physical nature. Hetha while below the bridge found an Evil Hat, the cursed cloak of death, and a never ending flask of ale. The only people who don’t drink from the flask is Xironi and Belladonna.



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