Crime Pays

The Golden Moon Temple Part 15

Gungor's Crimes of Servitude

Part 15

So Gungor took beggars, peasants, people who wouldn’t be missed, and brainwashed them with the power of the Orb. The Orb changes people’s personalities. Gungor used this power to make these people will themselves to wanting to be sacrificed. Gungor was trying to open the gateway further, but it took a numerous quantity of sacrifices. Gungor’s largest struggle was getting past Xironi, so Corinth helped by making Gungor incorporeal, having his insubstantial phasing form bring down the sacrifices.

Gungor heard Corinth talking to him. guiding him step by step, but Gungor knew that the power here was stronger than even Corinth. Gungor opened a door and saw a large demon who was craving corpses. So Gungor tossed some of his sacrifices into the chamber, leaving the huge demon at peace as Corinth commanded the snake to borrow lower and lower. Gungor realized that he could not resist Corinth, Corinth had control over Gungor the moment that Gungor went through the hidden entrance into this secret tunnel. Gungor now could only continue to play his part that was decided for him by Corinth.



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