Crime Pays

The Golden Moon Temple Part 14


Part 14

Gungor used to be a man of faith but after the planes have shifted he has wandered around peddling his wares, begging for his supper. That was when he stumbled upon a hidden entrance. It was a portal of sorts, into the backroom of the temple. The temple is large enough that secret entrances aren’t uncommon. However, even the smugglers didn’t know about this entrance for there seemed to be no reason to enter into this back room. Gungor felt called to go deeper underground. Xironi knew of the backroom, because she use to use it for storage years before the planes shifted. Now, whatever supplies she had stored back there have been used or sold.

As Gungor lifted up some loose stone tiles placed over a large hole he wandered down this oddly smooth tunnel. A tunnel that was hollowed out by a large snake like creature. Gungor found numerous skeletons, a strange orb, and unlimited power. Power that could possess men much stronger willed than Gungor. For Gungor found down here the pathway to the gods. This is a gateway to the divine channel, and it is the in between world of Torril and the astral sea and outer planes. This is what powered the divine miracles of the temple. The gateway isn’t large enough to travel through as a person, but the power definitely can move through here. The divine power only has a limited range and it requires being lower underground. The darkness under Athiisar, whatever horrible thing it is, however, mixes with the power that comes from the divine channel and taints the holy power that is surging through these caverns. This is a gateway which if powered properly (what Gungor was trying to do) or assisted with the help of an Angel or Devil could lead as a hallway to the divine. However at this moment it is a dangerous tool that surges with power untamed. It is unwieldy and untapped, power without anything holding it back. However, what Gungor noticed while down here is that it is locked. It isn’t merely that the divine powers were separated by the spellplague, but that they also didn’t want something to invade… or escape.



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