Crime Pays

The Golden Moon Temple Part 1

The origins and beginning

Thousands of years ago, when the land was green and beautiful before the river came rushing in. Before the spellplague, before the planes drifted apart, before the rise of Orcus, and before the city of Athiisar. Great high priests would perform sacrifices and spill the blood of the innocent or powerful so that they would profit and be the owners of riches and a future powerful city. The sacrifices gave fuel to the divine powers and strengthened the surviving priests’ bonds to the gods, but only if it was a willing sacrifice. These great high priests had visions of power and wished to profit, bringing the divine planes closer together for their own selfish needs. Those who were sacrificed also gained great power, almost unlimited, being the connective bond between the planes. This power, however, made them confined, chained in their body, yet immortal as they could drift their consciousness between the planes. The high priest’s offspring have done the best that they could to cover up the terrible rituals that their ancestors had performed to give them power and money. They tried to bury all traces of what occurred on the field of sacrifices. The children and spawn of the high priests did everything to hide their transgressions, which is why you don’t see frogs in Athiisar. The descendants have become powerful rulers, captains, and nobles of the city of Athiisar, the pushers and movers of the society.



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