Crime Pays

Tempo Timone's songs

Songs distributed by Tempo & other famous bards

These are the songs Tempo has sung to the public. Now he usually sings them to a small audience. Usually the people that enter into his bar or the guild house, or the usual streets where Tempo sets up his fortune telling. These songs then travel from word of mouth. These songs often have meaning within the meaning and Tempo usually does not sing the songs to the person that the song is about. So for example, when Tempo sings about pixies, he usually doesn’t sing those songs to Illiana, or when Tempo sings about nobles, he usually doesn’t sing those songs to their faces. He usually chooses songs diplomatically to appeal to whatever audience Tempo has at the time. It is those that carry his songs further that however spread news of Tempo’s opinions.

These are just the lyrics, the music is still debatable and often being constructed at the last minute. I have a rough idea for the sound of each song but there are no absolutes. Tempo usually sings these accompanied by his lute or songbow, but will sing them acapella or assisted by his brother and Stevie Bowie. If you have any complaints mention them now and Tempo will try to make corrections to his song as soon as possible and get the word out.

999 Angels 1000 Demons

A-Z Already Been Claimed

Always My Avenger

Ardwen Toldara (song)

Assassin of Athiisar

Bag Of Not Holding

Bear Beauty

Buck up

Center of the Background

Demon Eggs

Disguise of Conformity

Fearful Infestation

Icewind Dale Roulette

Icky, Sickly, Sticky, Tricky

If One Is Good then Two is Better

Just Keep Drinking

Mindless Puppets

Mirror Image of the streets

My Constellation

No Escape

Palace of Fortuity

Pardon Warden

Pixie In Flight

Pixie In My Pocket


Protect Me

Scarlet Dogs


Shadows of Two


Stevie Bowie

Stop Stop Stop Stop

Succubus Sucks

Swift Kick

Talking about Nothing

The Mouse Mall

The Pixie Did it

time keeps on changing

Tipsy Pixie

Warbling Weapons

Who Killed the Angel

World in my cup 1

Songs of Corinth Sinatra

Sinatra vs Sunshine

Songs of Maris Siram




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