Crime Pays

Succubus Sucks

Tempo's feelings on being seduced

Tempo Timone’s song

Succubus Sucks!

Lips like rich red ripe raspberry rubies, ready to steal
The souls of wise men, devouring them with a meal
Of, some cold chicken, and a, glass of wine
I see, your fear it echoes, in the back of your mind

I know your evil, but I have nothing to resist
I fall, victim, to your un—ho—ly kiss
I see your future is faulty and soon to be over
This is the price of being too much of a lover
I met you in darkness, and that is where I was left
Abandoned alone in shadows with the feeling of being bereft
I know where you are going, and I know what you will do
I know that it won’t happen, because of you being a failure at you

Your skin is soft, too soft to be real
You eat me up, with a side of a meal,
Of, some rare steak, and a couple of beers,
I see, your fear, it echoes, between your ears,

The shadows hide your disguise,
The illusions of your lies,
Still they can’t hide the tells, of your evil eyes
You thought that you fooled me, but I know much better,
I can read you like, I am reading a letter,
You can be me, until you reveal you are a fretter,

You hide behind me, until you reveal,
That you are something hungry for a meal
Of, some rotting meat and a glass of swill
I see your fear, it echoes, from your weak will

Succubus Suck on my mental strength,
You think you can go long, but you don’t have the length,
I might be a little mad, little angry at you
Still I am calmer and stronger after our rendezvous

You see I will last, for all bards have their day,
While you won’t last longer than the words I have to say,
You will drift back into the darkness that you did once dwell,
We had a fun night, jealous of all others, farewell



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