Crime Pays

Palace of Fortuity

Where you can steal from the Upper Class

Tempo Timone’s song

Palace of Fortuity

Palace of Fortuity gilded with gems and gold
A gambling den of the upper class and the bold
The higher the stakes the less you want to fold
Patrons rarely leave with all that there is to behold

Take a chance, roll of the dice
A little money is always nice
Yet they take your money, soul, your time
With such a high price it’s a brilliant crime

Underground yet is freely advertised
Invisible except to those who are surprised
The lights, the action, the activity inside
Deal out another hand, like the ebbing tide

You know the look, you have read the word
You hear the stories and you have heard
The despair the broke those down and dumb
Pulling out an ace and moving out of the slum

I see the liars, beggars, thieves, and the thugs
The nobles with money and those addicted to drugs
Those with cash who need a little more
Those who think life is just a bore

Looking for excitement looking for a thrill
This is danger that is ready to kill
Rob you of all you are and all you have
You run out of money and you become a slave

The Palace of Fortuity, where the house always wins
The palace of debauchery full of hidden sins
Those with regrets those with painful memories
They all go to the palace of monetary ceremonies

I see living creatures, all losing their lives
They take all their weapons, spells and knives
Nothing here to attack, nothing here to hurt
Yet they will take you of your back or shirt

A battle of fortune and luck
Come away a king or a schmuck
Come away rich if you have pluck
If you leave in debt you are certainly stuck

I was walking around Athiisar on a drunken wander
I took a quick gander and from what I’ve heard of slander
I saw it from afar, and I just had to enter and walk in
Their I saw it, it was all true, and I was glad I left my kin

The compulsive, the obsessive, the kleptomaniac
They would all go insane or have a heart attack
My brother would fit in perfectly with these crooks
Stealing money from nobles and cooking the books

A fancier place I have yet to find
Still the gold and treasure blows my mind
I thought we were filthy rich, and we had lots of loot
The decadence of this castle makes our stock look cute



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