Crime Pays

A-Z Already Been Claimed

From below the words rise

Tempo Timone’s song

Already Been Claimed Deceased

Excused For Giving Hourly

Interrogation Justly Kindly Looking

Mostly Not Opposing Persons

Questioned Rightly Said Tempo

Unless Verified With Xanthocyanopsy

Your Zeal.

Spitting out a symphony in spite of spiritual spanks
On spires of spinning spelling out sparing spying sprigs
So spirits spent soiled so some spry sky set sucking
scores of something seen singing songs spilling sad suspense.

Who can rhyme while running rampant rants of red refuse
Who can use unusual urinals of unruly utensils for useful use
Who can measure the might men may make most morphing manipulate
Who can hasten the hat held by huge horrid hands of humane human hate

Who can be dealt dead darlings debts to do debate
Who can willingly withdraw wounded widows from the date
Who can Belittle beautiful bugs bearing babies by building a crate
Who can Zip, zap, zag, the Zenith of the zombie Zarf zone and not be late

I intrigue into interesting insects insisting in insufferable insolence
impinging into isolating infusions incriminating indignant idiots
Instead I inquire inquisitively into information irrefutably inaccurate
I illogically imagine it if its ilk indeed irk invokers into inking it’s imposters.

Who can write when weird women wish worries were weapons
Who can think to take the thunder through the thousand thimbles.
Who can create contraptions continuing collapse of contaminating creatures.
Who can Enlighten entropy existing entirely of ecstasy exhuming excellent exaltation

Who can kidnap keys killing kicking karate kites keeping karma keeling kidney kukri kin
Who can nestle next not needing no nodding numb nanny never nightmares new
Who can violently victimize victorious vigilantes vapid vain vaccinating valley virgins
Who can jest joyously just jubilation joking junk about jobless Jinny jumping jaws

Frankly feeling forced fed for fighting fixes focus for five full Fridays faced with fear fending off fire furnishing frayed folders forgetting fifteen fools flayed for fidgeting fun fraternities fading faster for faking a fictional fragrant for flying face first forward finally fifteen few fair fervent flanking fairies flew far fainting and failing flaming facets of fey fin.



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