Crime Pays

The Golden Moon Temple Part 24
Discovering Corinth

Part 24

Through the course of the battle Hetha sets the fountain of rejuvenation on fire. Ares dies twice, Taquito is appears inside of a frog and is spat out again. After flying towards the demon Taquito is awesome declaring a showdown between him and the demon, and Mr. Sunshine saves everyone.

From the corpse of the demon is born a smaller lesser demon named Sunny, who is bonded instantly to Taquito.

You see a staircase from behind the demon and you hear chanting coming from below.

You enter into a long hallway with skeletons dangling by their arms that are chained to the ceiling by large hooks. You move around the hallway dodging the dangling skeletons when you see the door on the opposite side is blocked by a crystal skull dangling from the ceiling by a hook.

You begin to hear a soft sound (begin chanting) and as you look at the crystal skull and it begins to sing. (Hooked on a Feeling).

Corinth will not be held by the spawn of a blood sucker and he will not be held by Mr. Sunshine, which is why he will begin a rap off. He can’t stand to be held by Belladonna, Xironi can not hold the crystal skull because it is evil.

The crystal skull: Corinth Sinatra

A magic intelligent item. Will give you advice that is usually wrong. It wants nothing more for you to become dead so that you and the skull can be together forever. If you die while possessing the crystal skull you start to turn into crystal 1/3 per death. The crystal skull can be broken with an Arcana, a Religion, a Thievery, an Athletics check, a heal, and Diplomacy (or intimidate) 5 of these are necessary to destroy the crystal skull. The crystal skull will do whatever it can or say whatever it wants, to make you get closer to death. The crystal skull also acts like a lounge singer. The crystal skull is worth a level 5 magic item but no one will trade or buy it from you. They see the crystal skull as a terrible thing. The crystal skull is evil, and is lonely.

The Golden Moon Temple Part 29
The White Room

Part 29


As you enter you see a small white room with no floor, no walls, and no ceiling. It extends out forever this perfectly white room. The only way you have of telling where you are is the distance you are between your allies. The concepts of space and time do not exist here, for there is a figure that is both distant and near. The figure is an angelic looking deva who is waiting patiently.

The deva approaches you all and says, “Congratulations, and thank you all for purifying this divine channel from the evil taint. Don’t do it again.”

There is a long pause as you all wait for the deva to say something else. Everyone is astounded and in a state of shock and awe at the beauty that surrounds the deva and at the cold stern manner in which she said her command. Being in this place leaves the adventurers speechless as they have no will or want to harm this being.

“Simply by the fact of that skull remaining in existence is an abomination to all things divine. That thing stole from us power that is now contained with that orb he calls a skull. That thing has infected this domain with an evil vile nature. Thankfully due to your sacrifice Mr. Sunshine, you have freed Athiisar from that skull’s evil curse. If it were in my hands it would be crushed. My only warning is to not go and further open the divine realms. The divine channels, and the divine nodes are only growing weaker, and the further you force them open, the more danger you cause of them collapsing all together.” The deva says as it looks around the room to see that they the adventurers are still not convinced. “The spellplague was meant to happen. Without that, things would get in, and things would get out. We deva are the door keepers and guardians, and our job is only getting harder. The further you open up these gates, the more likely it is that the divine realms will become contaminated.”

“So we have done something wrong?” Belladonna asked.

“No, my dear. You all have done a wonderful favor, but a little is great, a lot can kill you. I am afraid that we are under attack in the divine realms. There is a war going on, one that has not gone on for ages. Since the divine planes have been cut off it has left all angels, and all devils in Torril forced to fight for themselves on this plane. They have no way to retreat, or call in reinforcements. The same however is taking place in the higher planes, just on a much grander scale. So I am afraid I must return to my royal duties. However, I wish to speak to each of you in private before I leave. Though you have opened up this portal, it is not large enough to cause an angel or devil to penetrate through the guardians. You have instead given hope to all those who thought that we abandoned them. If you wish to continue in helping us, please spread hope to the far away nations that we will return. I must reward you for your kind service, and for willingly giving your life to us Mr. Sunshine.”

“So we can’t open up any more divine nodes? That’s crazy, the world needs you, we need you!” Rhaize said, his emotions getting the best of him, “You aren’t a hero if you think that you can leave us behind because we aren’t as important as your war. What is the purpose to winning on a higher level if there is nothing left on this plane to fight for?”

“Rhaize, the world does not need us or the divine power. The entire domain of Torril will be better off without us, as long as it continues to have faith and hope. The less divine power people have or use, the safer people will be. The war is being waged in the outer planes, and the divine victory is almost assured. If we are to fail in obtaining our holy goals then the war must begin again and be repeated ever since. That is why the divine power should stay remotely connected to Athiisar. For Athiisar can be a beacon for the divine powers to return, once the evil deities have been defeated. There are other forces however that are working against us.” The deva says putting a hand on Rhaize as Rhaize changes his posture completely, “To the West is a group that boastfully call themselves the Deva-Staters and there power has grown too far for us to easily control. They serve figures such as us but who disguise themselves to take our form. They appear to be holy devas but they call out for wicked deeds. The Deva-staters blindly attack and accumulate power and wealth but they don’t understand the consequences of their actions. They have become evil without knowing it. The evil Deva call out for the death of innocent children, and for the divine planes to be ripped open. There is also the effects of the Torchedwood gang, who have been trifling and treading over demons and angels alike. It is absurd how they seem to plow through all things leaving death and discord wherever they go. Don’t worry about Tempo Timone or Partuur, they are being… taken care of.”

“What if we tried closing or sealing the divine planes?” Ares asked.

“Too much one way, too much the other, there must remain balance. In our time will the divine planes rise and shift gradually. We have power to make things occur with grace. You all, no matter how hard you try to be graceful or do things with patience or tact, you seem to tear things apart. It is like opening a puzzle box with a hammer and saw. You are harsh, and hasty, and even when you do the right thing, you do it too hard and too fast. I plead with you, don’t go opening the divine gates. They are closed for a reason.”

They all looked at the deva glowing in brilliance and light. “Thank you for listening, now if you don’t mind I must talk with Mr. Sunshine first. It is of grave importance.”

As the deva said those words Mr. Sunshine and the deva drifted further into the abyss without moving a muscle, simply becoming farther away without leaving the spot that they stood in. By Mr. Sunshine’s perspective everyone else was being pushed away.

As each person in turn was talked to by the Deva and given a gift, they each were evicted from the white room and were brought back into that last room of the tunnel.

After each receiving gifts, they then said their goodbyes, and went on with their lives to do great things.

The Golden Moon Temple Part 28
The Sacrifice Again

Part 28

Ares offers, but Mr. Sunshine knows that it must be him. That it must be a pure sacrifice. They all look at Mr. Sunshine as he stands there alone in the center of the runes. Xironi slowly gives him the blue handled sacrificial dagger as he holds it to his chest. Mr. Sunshine looks at everyone and he sings, “The Last Supper”

While singing he takes off his armor and puts on the fancy clothes that he picked up in the supply close. He then takes his flask of water, dumps it out, and fills it from Hetha’s never ending keg, and takes some bread and passes it around. (Mr. Sunshine stops singing the song before getting to the parts about the betrayal and denial.) As the song comes to an end, he thrusts the blade into his heart.

Corinth Sinatra’s skull glows blue as Mr. Sunshine falls to the ground, and the portal becomes wide enough for everyone to enter.

Hetha and Xironi help Mr. Sunshine in as everyone walks through the portal together. Sunny, Marian, and Ares’s zombie run through as well not wanting to be left behind.

The Golden Moon Temple Part 27
Unholy Earthquake

Part 27

Gungor, had he more time and more vessels, would have been able to harness this power and have found a way to hold the non-deluded powers of a deity. All of you have had your faith shaken by being down here and have found that this is the source of all power and unholiness. It is evil for it to remain here unprotected and you must do something. This is a source of evil and the power source of the divine, these two powers are mingling so that it is causing a terrible reaction. The area behind the destroyed totems begin to shake and the entire room starts to tilt and fall apart. Unless the power is dealt with accordingly it will tear the tunnel, the temple, and all of Athiisar into ruins. For with the conflict between the righteous divine powers and the dark unholiness from below, it is causing a violent cataclysm of power.

As Gungor dies the portal starts to spark and discharge. You hear the tunnel rumble as you remember the words of Corinth that have echoed you all this time, “There must be a sacrifice.” The sacrifice must be willing.

The Golden Moon Temple Part 26
Fighting Gungor

Part 26

Belladonna destroys the three temples. Under the frog temple is a swarm of frogs, under the pyramid is the gateway to the divine node itself, and under the gold statue is a lightning trap, and gold. Meanwhile Xironi pins Gungor in between two angels with the help of Mr. Sunshine. Hetha slashes away at Gungor keeping his regeneration at bay, while Rhaize tries to help Taquito who because of his demon is causing damage to everyone. Taquito however is keeping the frogs from spreading whenever he isn’t dead. Ares is the most productive by standing in the middle of a of the runes and calling upon the powers from above. All the power that Gungor has been channeling rushes through Ares and then dissipates instantly causing the reaction to his body to be extremely painful. Ares dies from the pain twice during this incredible encounter. Though Ares did so out of initially selfish intentions, the end result is that he saved everyone’s lives. Without Ares taking all the damage, the damage would have been redirected to cause devastation upon the group, or upon Athiisar itself.

The Golden Moon Temple Part 25
Facing Gungor

Part 25

Rhaize picks up the Corinth as the party continues on into the next room where you see a sign that in Elven says, “My Will and power will open new doors and create a new world. Then, people will appreciate the strength and power of the divine once the gates are thrown open. Beware, for those who disturb the process will be destroyed.”

You can feel the power surging behind the door. You know that behind this door is the one you have been seeking.

You see a large room with a small Elven Necromancer with three giant totems behind him. The three Totems have elven runes on them and they seem to be glowing while sucking the light out of the room.
“You are too late” Gungor booms, his voice echoing with power, “I have found the source to the divine that have abandoned you, and I will use their power to make myself a new god.”

As these words resonate Belladonna is infused with power given to her from beyond the Astral plane. The power is immense, yet she doesn’t even know that she possesses it.

The Golden Moon Temple Part 23
Zombies, Demons, and Deva

Part 23


As you walk into the room you feel the overcharge of divine energy explode.

Hetha feels like she is sailing on the sea. Your move is doubled while in this room. You can also shift as a free action.

Rhaize, you feel a change come over you like your mind is eclipsed by another force. (He switches every turn)

Belladonna your vulture becomes an actual avatar (can do her rogue attack without the sneak attack damage.) Because of her interaction with the goo you become Mind Controlled. Belladonna must dance with Taquito to the song Rock Monster Must Role play in Real Life! In Game while Mind Controlled she will do whatever she can to kill Rhaize, including kicking him in the rear.

Sunshine, all radiant attacks deal double damage

Xironi (vulnerable 10 radiant to Xironi’s attacks and Xironi’s attacks ignore Demon Overlord’s resistances)

Taquito (Gluttony, you get to fly anywhere.)

Ares has been filled with the blood of life. (He has regeneration 8)

If any player gets a critical miss the floor erupts into radiant fire. The Radiant fire deals 20 radiant and fire damage and is rough terrain. It stays there for the remainder of the encounter.

The room is made of dirt, the only stone in the room are three large ancient carved out mural pictograph stories.

Next to the entrance is a large fountain. (closer inspection) The fountain has elven writing on it, it says the fountain of rejuvenation, please wash hands after use. There also seems to be some much more modern profane markings scribbled in Elven, Common, and some crude pictures that are universal.

The fountain of rejuvenation gives an unconscious player 50 Hit points before flushing and refilling with water.

You see ten zombies all chained to a large red demon who turns his head to look at each of you then focusses on Mr. Sunshine and bows down, “Master”

There is also one other zombie chained to the WALL on the left side, and a man eating plant on the right side of the room. Behind the demon is a chained up woman who is wearing blood soaked clothing (School Marm who will fall in love with Mr. Sunshine) named Marian.

All along the walls you see a story depicted through large carvings in the stone.

On the left is a series of Deva who are writing, reading, and giving money and light to the poor and the merchants.

On the right is a series of Deva who are drinking, killing children, and are destroying villages.

On the far wall is a large mess of Deva killing Deva.

The room is no longer made out of stone. The walls and floor are just packed earth.


The Golden Moon Temple Part 22
Finding Ares

Part 22

Rhaize puts on the mask and takes 500 gold, Belladonna takes 500 gold, and Xironi purifies the evil statue’s arm along with Hetha’s hat. Hetha’s evil hat loses its teeth, and the statue’s arm drips evil slime. Unlock with the purification of the gauntlets, it doesn’t restore the good alignment of everyone, it simply all backlashes into Xironi.

Belladonna touches the black goo with her shoe, then touches it with her hands, and then fills up her water canteen with the black goo.

Xironi, Belladonna, and Rhaize are left behind as the rest of the party continue on.

So they continue along and they find Ares, a paladin left naked, living down here only on his own blood. Hetha frees Ares from his chains and gives him back his magic armor and weapon. As they walk down this hallway they come to a room filled with a red glow. The red glow is so strong that even when at the edge of the room you can’t see into it. It isn’t until Mr. Sunshine pushes Ares into the room that the red glow is gone and you can see.

Taquito is nowhere to be seen again.

The Golden Moon Temple Part 21
Supply Closet in depth

Part 21


Supply Closet
In the room to the right, is 10,000 heavy gold coated steel pieces, a loaded cannon (reduces movement to 2, +15 reflex deals 100 damage on hit 50 on miss.), spare ammunition 2 reduces movement to 2, a warforged statue holding a golden necklace and wearing a scary looking mask, and a long dining table with a feast and a neverending keg of ale laid out.

This room is not freezing and is in fact very relaxing. Along with the Feast is a shiny golden handled Dagger.

Perception check 25-30 you find 6 diamond rings each worth 100 gold.

In the back of the room is a large clothing rack with a mirror on the wall. (if Rhaize looks in the mirror he switches, if Sunshine looks in the mirror he sees himself without the spell scar and then the mirror breaks, if Belladonna looks in the mirror she sees no reflection but instead a giant vulture, if Taquito looks in the mirror he sees a tall handsome man, if Xironi looks in the mirror she sees a heavenly glow about her, and if Hetha looks in the mirror she looks unbelievably hot.)

On the clothing rack is a white silk shirt and a fine black tailored suit with a tie, (increases bluff, streetwise, and diplomacy +2), a couple of green scaly shoes (if worn gives you resist 10 poison), diamond cufflinks, and a stick pin of a crystal skull,
All of these clothes equal about 1,000 gold.

The 10,000 gold pieces are really heavy, equals out to -5 movement penalty can be divided anyway they desire.

(JUST IN CASE: If someone wants to use the gold coated steel plates as ammunition it is 2,000 pieces per fire for 100 damage. 1,000 is 50 dmg 500 is 25 anything less is 10.)

The Cannon and the ammunition are too heavy to carry by one person, two people need to carry an item. It is only a move action to load the cannon and a standard action to fire it.

The Golden Necklace is dazzlingly beautiful. To a collector there could be no price for it. It holds a special power that no one knows of yet and has religious markings carved all over it in supernal and abyssal.
Retail value 8,000 gold

The Scary Mask is a mix between the Green Goblin’s mask, Halle Berry’s catwoman mask, and the mask from The Mask. If it is put on, it forms to your skin perfectly. Any religion check can tell that this mask is evil but indestructible.
The scary mask gives you a +4 speed, +4 Initiative, +2 to all skill checks, an additional +4 to all bluff and diplomacy checks, +2 to all basic attacks, +2 to any mark you perform, +2 to ongoing saves, +10 DMG and lowers your alignment by three. It is turning you into a super villain. If your alignment is lower than chaotic evil you must attack your allies.

The food on the dining table is delicious, it makes you feel great while you are eating it, it gives you enlightened spirits and the more you eat the more temporary hit points you get. However it is extremely poisonous and requires a high skill check 26 (+1 to skill check roll for every 5 temp hit points gained) or higher of any skill to discover that it is poisonous.
For every 5 temp hit points the player receives ongoing 1 damage (cumulative) until they take an extended rest or until you die or you roll an endurance check DC30. A heal check may be performed DC 20 to lower the endurance check required by 5. Heal DC 25 lowers the endurance check required by 10.

For Taquito and his gluttony it goes, 100. 200. 300. 400. Etc.


The Golden Moon Temple Part 20
The Serpent, the Frog, and Gungor

Part 20

The adventurers rush into the serpent’s chamber through the side. They see a frog, and they see the giant ice serpent. The frog spits out Taquito who Rhaize heroically catches. They then decimate and daze the serpent before it really takes affect. There is an invisible wall that water is dripping down, and Rhaize runs straight into it revealing to everyone that, yes, it is an invisible wall. The serpent tries to freeze everyone but the adventurers aren’t flummoxed at all. Even when Gungor comes in insubstantial with phasing. Sunshine takes a swing at him while Gungor simply touches Rhaize. Corinth then manipulates Rhaize, seeing his true nature. Gungor then leaves the chamber while Rhaize pulls out a large plastic feeling tube out of the serpent’s throat. Rhaize is now carrying around this hose like object that the serpent used to spit out water and douse everyone.

The the other side of the room is a supply closet that holds all of the treasure, a magic mirror, a never ending feast, a golden handled dagger that Taquito picks up, a cannon and ammunition, and some fancy clothes and special green scaley shoes. There is also a giant statue that attacks anyone who acts or moves adjacent to it. Every time that this possessed arm moves, it gets stronger every time that it attacks.


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